Recycling Organic By Products

With many years’ (20+) experience of working, both within the recycling industry and also alongside the UK agricultural sector, White Land Solutions Ltd are able to identify suitable outlets in many different areas for organic materials that arise from the recycling of various suitable waste streams.

White Land Solutions Ltd maintains mutually beneficial links with farmers during the meetings we have together to ensure that requirements are met and jobs are carried out to their full satisfaction and being fully compliant with relevant legislation, Codes of Practice etc. Through this relationship with farmers, agricultural contractors and local authorities, we have been able put in place, and maintain, thousands of hectares of suitable land throughout the UK.

From the farmer's point of view, they appreciate the quality advice given to them as well as the possibility to fertilise their crops at competitive prices and reduce the use of artificial fertilisers.

What Materials Can We Recycle

Digestate - Liquid & Solid

Paper Crumble

Compost Like Outputs

Food Waste Residues

Dairy By Products



Clean Water Treatment Sludge

Abattoir Waste

What We Offer

White Land Solutions Ltd are able to manage the entire recycling process from full analysis of the By-Product to dealing with all Environmental and Agronomic follow-up to the highest standards throughout the recycling process.

White Land Solutions Employees are able to offer Properly Qualified Advice on Nutrient Management Planning, on applying substitute fertilising materials as we are FACTS advisors. We are also fully qualified under the WAMITAB Mobile Plant for land spreading (land treatment resulting in benefit)(4MTMPL6) scheme and are able to offer Technically Competent Management for deployments.

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