Solid & Liquid Digestate

What is Digestate?

Digestate, in the solid and liquid form, is by-product of the anaerobic digestion process.

The organic by products is rich in many Nutrients and micro nutrients (including Nitrogen, Potash, Phosphate) and is used as a biofertiliser

This reduces the need for acquiring artificial based alternatives.

The Services We Provide to Producers & Land Owners

Soil Nutrient Planning through our FACTS qualified advisors

Land Finding through our extensive land banks

Soils analysed once every 4 years

Recommended for Grass, Cereals & Maize

Delivery & Spreading service

Liquid Digestate

The graph to the left shows the typical nutrient value for Liquid Digestate

Solid Digestate

The graph to the right shows the typical nutrient value for Solid Digestate

















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