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Digestate, in the solid and liquid form, is by-product of the anaerobic digestion process. The organic by product is rich in many Nutrients and micro nutrients (including Nitrogen, Potash, Phosphate) and is used as a biofertiliser. This reduces the need for acquiring artificial based alternatives.

White Land Solutions works with many Anaerobic Digestion facilities across the whole of the UK. We are accredited as  FACTS Qualified Advisors to give sound technical advice on all aspects of Nutrient Management.


We provide a full service from haulage to storage & spreading. Giving producers and farmers peace of mind that the process is fully managed from Plant to field

Soil Nutrient Planning through our FACTS qualified advisors

Soils analysed once every 4 years

Recommended for Grass, Cereals & Maize

Delivery & Spreading service

Accurate records kept and annual summary provided

Land Finding through our extensive land banks

Fully managed service from Plant to field

Full compliance to all legislation and Codes of Practice

Over 20 Years experience in the recycling & Agriculture Industry