Project Overview

At Goudhurst Pond silt accumulation, duck and fish waste had decreased the depth of the water to a critical level, as well as reducing water quality. A decision had been made following advise from White Land Solutions that the best option would be to remove the silt to increase the depth of the water and increase the quality.

The pond was drained in the week of 24th July 2017, with a local professional removing the fish to store until after the works had been completed.

The pond was left to dry out over the coming months and at the end of November 2017 works began to remove the silt and transport it for use on local agricultural land.

The Project from start to finish

Transport of the removed silt

A video of the Silt being loaded onto tippers to be transported to local agricultural land

Benefit to Agricultural Land?

The removed silt is stored at a local farm ready to be spread on agricultural land to improve or maintain the physical, chemical and biological properties of the soil to grow crops.

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