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Project Objectives

At Goudhurst Pond silt accumulation, duck and fish waste had decreased the depth of the water to a critical level, as well as reducing water quality.

With it being a feature area of the small Kent town the local parish had contacted White Land Solutions for further advise.Following on from a number of meetings and site visits with White Land Solutions, it was advised the best option would be to remove the silt to increase the depth of the water and increase the quality.


A plan was drawn up to drain the water, remove the silt using plant equipment and transport for storage on a local farm to be used as a nutrient benefit to fertilise the fields.







Realising the project

Following on from our teams arranging the necessary environmental requirements through the Environment Agency, the pond was drained in the week of 24th July 2017. A local professional removed the fish to store until after the works had been completed.

The pond was left to dry out over the coming months and at the end of November 2017 works began to remove the silt and transport it for use on local agricultural land.

It was an operation that needed to be carefully managed due to the positioning of the pond and maneuvering through a busy town.


Following storage on a local farm the removed silt was spread onto local fields to provide a natural fertilisation of the growing crops.

Goudhurst Parish Council

m3 Tonnes of Silt removed
Fish Temporarily moved
Ha Land Fertilised
m3 Water Removed