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Project Overview

Betteshanger Park is a key part of the wider Betteshanger Sustainable Parks vision of a once-in-a-generation opportunity for everyone to see how ‘old energy’ can be transformed into ‘new energy’ and to get involved with the generation of renewable energy first hand. Being a former Colliery, the soil had poor physical structure, poor water-holding capacity and is conceivably contaminated with a diverse range of potentially toxic elements


Land Restoration is the process of returning the land in a given area to some degree of its former state, after some process has resulted in its damage. Over the next 10 months White Land Solutions will add organically produced nutrients to the soil to aid the growth of grass and plants. This will restore the land back to its original form.

The Picture to the left shows the current state of the ground before restoration was started

Realising the Project

Following on from our teams arranging the necessary environmental requirements with the Environment Agency, we began planning the necessary operational and safety measures that would be needed whilst working on an open park. In December 2018 work had started on the first allocated area in the park. Organically produced material was brought into the site and incorporated into the existing soil and prepared for shaping and seeding.


The picture to the right shows an area prepared for seeding

A Timeline of the Process

A selection of photographs of the Restoration process.

Theme Image

Benefits of Restoration

Organic Material will improve soil structure, giving an initial boost to aid growth

The Organic Material acts as a slow release fertiliser

Reduce the contamination of Potentially Toxic Elements to healthy levels

Improve Ground Water holding capacity

Fully Managed from Start to Finish

Tonnes Organic Material
Ha Area of Land Restored
Footpaths Upgraded
Additional Works