Project Overview

Betteshanger Park is a key part of the wider Betteshanger Sustainable Parks vision of a once-in-a-generation opportunity for everyone to see how ‘old energy’ can be transformed into ‘new energy’ and to get involved with the generation of renewable energy first hand.

Land Restoration is the process of returning the land in a given area to some degree of its former state, after some process has resulted in its damage. Over the next 10 months White Land Solutions will add nutrients to the soil to aid the growth of grass and plants. This will restore the land back to its original form

Works Begin on the First Area

Below are some pictures taken of the current condition of the land. Former Colliery soils typically have poor physical soil structure, poor water holding capacity and contain a diverse range of Potentially Toxic Elements

Benefits of Land Restoration

Organic Material will improve soil structure, giving an initial boost to aid growth

The Organic Material acts as a slow release fertiliser providing enough nutrients to aid growth for future years

Reduce the contamination of Potentially Toxic Elements to healthy levels

Improve Ground Water holding capacity

First Load Arrives

The first load is tipped, the materials will add valuable nutrients back to the soil to aid growth

Area 1 Ready for Seeding

With all nutrients incorporated into the existing ground, Area 1 is ready for seeding

Before the ground can be seeded it must be harrowed and have the large stones removed

Work Begins on Area 2

With the first area completed we move onto Area 2

Have a similar project?

If you have a similar project then why not contact us to see how White Land Solutions could help?